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Lego VIP event 2014 Orlando!


Photo by Jason Schunke VIP

This was our first VIP event that we could actually attend. We were getting used to letting the invitations go unused because of other commitments like Baseball or Cub Scouts. Never again after today’s experience at the Lego Store, Downtown Disney Marketplace, in Orlando Florida!!

The store, which normally holds close to 300 people, was open early to a crowd of about 20 VIP invitation holders!! It was the most peaceful Lego store shopping experience ever. The 20 or so shoppers were all tried and true Lego aficionados which made for a great bunch… My kind of people! We started our adventure with a personalized VIP badge and a preview of our freebies and bonus rewards.

We took our time, picked up some clearance sets, and in all the peaceful bliss were able to find some really neat specialty and seasonal sets to add to our shopping bag.

The store staff was amazing. Sure they are normally helpful and cheerful on any day even when rushing about, but today they were all focused on their VIPs with personal shopper like attention. Questions were answered, bags carried and stock checked as needed, but there was a bonus of wonderful conversation and interaction with people who live and breathe Lego.

Other blogs have noted that there isn’t a clear rhyme or reason to getting an invitation, but here is my general recommendation when it comes to procuring your bricks:

1) Get your VIP card.
2) Buy Lego sets from the Lego Store and shop.lego.com to get points towards FREE Lego sets. (I sense a new post coming on!!)

Thank you Lego Store Orlando!!!


Lego Orlando, Photo by Jason Schunke

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  • sounds like a great time. Too bad my children get didn’t get to experience it. Thank God they have you as their Lego leader. 🙂

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