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Lego Pirates 2015

2015 Lego Pirates 70413 – aka “The Beardless Bounty” – First Thoughts

*Sigh*  sometimes, things are just NOT as awesome as they should be in the Lego world.  Eagerly awaiting the return of Lego Pirates, I just learned that the name of the new Lego Pirate ship is … The Brick Bounty.  *cough*  <pin drop>  My first thoughts are: Lame.  Boring. Totally Un-imaginative.  What were they thinking?!?!  Did Brickbeard shave his beard?

Why have my spirits been crushed while other brick bloggers seem to be so very excited??

So far it looks to be a colorful version of BrickBeard’s Bounty set 6243 from 2009… a ship that LOOKED so incredibly pirateish I was surprised it didn’t come with an eye patch and a bottle of rum.  So Piratey in fact that when Legoland Florida was built, they created a full size replica Brickbeards bounty in the harbor stage and rebooted the Cypress Gardens Ski show around Brickbeard and his band of pirates.   This new ship fits in how???

The Jolly roger of the ship was the creativity capstone on such a marvelous build:  a square skull!!  Yep that has been removed in the re-boot for some odd reason.

So, what is this new ship??  Who is the Captain?

I can not wait to review this set…  I will be fair but I will also have Brickbeard on the table too!

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