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About Us

BrickChatter was founded as an outlet to our ever growing love of all things BRICK.  Not just any brick… the Lego Brick (because no other brick will do).  It wasn’t enough to save every penny of allowance, fill birthday and Christmas wish-lists, or even get strait A’s to get our hands on the worlds BEST sets of bricks… no, after we build: we want to tell the world about them.

The BrickChatter Team:

Jenjago: The Matriarch of this brick-clique, scored her first Legos in 2014 with the launch of the Disney princess and castle sets like Cinderella’s Dream Carriage.  Add Chief Editor to her role because she tends to catch the most spelling errors.

E-Block: The bricker-snapper of the editorial team was building before he could talk!  Duplo Dinosaurs roamed the carpeted land before moving on to a full  8ft long workstation and a closet full of sets.  Free building is his thing but a great Star Wars set will always occupy some free time.

PapaBrick: Having some Space and Blacktron Sets from the ’80s was exciting enough but in 2005 Lego Pirates spurred an office full of ships and a Lego Store VIP rewards card.  Nowadays, he teaches Lego club to 1st thru 3rd graders and the Lego fever won’t stop there!

Calico-Brick-Picker loves to push bricks around with her pink-padded-paws.  Laying on instruction books is her thing…but only because she has no thumbs!

How about YOU?  If you have a set you would like to review, contact us to become a guest contributor!

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