Lets Just Talk About Legos…


Rocket Raccoon Poly bag Toys R Us exclusive – In hand!!

Fellow Lego Dad, Brook H and I skipped out on a family date at Chuck E Cheese, leaving the moms to handle Ski ball and token trading.  We had a mission to obtain the rare and exclusive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon polybag (5002145). It took a $30 purchase to land Rocket in my bag… I chose the Jedi” Interceptor set 75038 and the Batwing Poly Bag to keep my purchase as close to the $30 mark as possible.  I sort of have a Poly bag habit where I end up with at least two; but not it in this case… I can’t bring myself to opening Rocket.  I do love the idea of a baby Groot!!

Lego Speed Champions 2015 – Take the Checkered Flag for us!!

Aside from Legos…. I love cars:  big cars, small cars, gas, electric, pedal; you name it.  I have lego Set 60053 on my desk and am rolling it around between bursts of typing this entry.  E-Block as a bunch of Lego Racers from 2008.  They are STILL fun, easy builds for small hands, and make spectacular crashes!!  I didn’t realize it at the time but the only thing missing back then was a car matching, race-clad mini-figure.

That stuff’s history!  The new Lego Speed Champions feature minifig scale rides WITH a minifigure driver/mechanic, etc.  Best of all the cars are boasting TOP racing brands like Porsche, Porsche, and Porsche…. with some lesser known brands like Ferrari and McLaren.

Ahhh Porsche:  There is no substitute, even in Lego form.  I’m submitting Hurley Haywood minifigure to Lego Ideas (R).

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